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    Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy for Website Users of Shenzhen VisionerTech


    If you use or continue to use your service, it would be regarded that you allow us to collect, use, save and share your information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

    For any question about the Privacy Policy or relevant issues, please in http://www.visionertech.com/ to contact us through the customer service channel.

    Information that might be collected:

              When providing service, we might collect, save and use the following information. If you refuse to provide such information, we may fail to register as our user, cannot enjoy certain services we provide or cannot realize the expected effect of relevant service.

             Any information submitted by you.

             · Personal information you provided to us when registering or using our service, including phone number, e-mail address or bank card number etc.

             · Information you shared with other parties through our service and the information you saved when using our service.

             · Your shared information provided by other parties when using our service.

             Information we obtained

             When you use our service, we might collect the following information:

             · Log information, technological information our system collected through cookies, web beacon or other methods when you use our service, including:

             1. Device or software information, including the configuration information provided by your mobile device, website browser or other programs used to access our service, your IP address as well as the version and identification code of your mobile device;

             2. Information you searched for or browsed when using our service, including web search terms you used, url address of the social media webpage you visited, and other information and details you browsed or asked for when using our service;

             3. Information about mobile APPs and other software that you have used, or the information about the fact that you once used such APPs or software;

             4. Information that you communicated through our service, including the account, time, data and duration of such communications;

             5. Information (metadata) contained in the content that you shared through our service, including photos you took or uploaded or the date, time or location of video.

             · Location information, information about your location collected when you enabled positioning function of the device and use relevant services we provided based on location, including:

             1. Your geographic location information collected through GPS or WiFi when you use our services on mobile device with positioning function;

             2. Timely information about your geographical location you or other users provided, including information about the region you locates contained in the account information you provided, shared information uploaded by you or others to display your current or past location, geographical tags contained in photos shared by you or others;

             3. You can stop us from collecting your geographical location information by disabling the positioning function.

    How would we use your information?

             We may use the information we collected when providing service for you for the following purposes:

             · Providing service for you;

             · Identity verification, customer service, security protection, fraud detection, archive and backup, so as to ensure the security of the products and services we provide for you;

             · Designing new services and improving our existing services;

             · Better understanding how you access and use our services and thereby respond to your personalized demand, including language setting, location setting, personalized help service and instruction or respond to other issues for you and other users;

             · Presenting advertisement that is more relevant to you to replace advertisement delivered to everyone;

             · Evaluating the effect of the advertisement in our service and other promotional or marketing activities, so as to make improvements;

             · Software accreditation or management software upgrading;

             · Allowing you participate in surveys on our products and services.

             In order to offer you with better experience, improve our service or realize any other objectives you agreed with, we would, conforming to relevant laws and regulations, use the information we collected through a certain service for our other services by sorting or personalizing them. For instance, the information collected when you use one of our services would be used to provide specific content for you or present you with information relevant to you in another service. If we provide corresponding options in relevant service, you can also authorize us to use the information provided by and saved in the service for other services.

    How can you access and control your personal information

             We would try our best to take appropriate technical measures to ensure that you can access, update and correct your registration information or other personal information you provide when using our service. When you access, update, correct and delete the aforesaid information, we may invite you to verify your identity to ensure your account security.

    Information that we might share

             We and our associated companies will not share your personal information with any other third parties without obtaining your consent in advance, unless the following circumstances take place.

             · We and our associated companies may share your personal information with our associated companies, partners and third-party service suppliers, contractors and agents (i.e. communications service supplier sending e-mails or notifications on behalf of us and map service suppliers providing location data for us) for the following purpose:

             1. Providing our service for you;

             2. Realizing purposes described in “How would we use your information”;

             3. Performing our obligations and rights specified in VisionerTech Service Agreement and the Privacy Policy;

             4. Understanding, maintaining and improving our services.

             If we or our associated companies share your personal information with any of the aforesaid third parties, we will try our best to ensure that when using your personal information, such third parties conform to the Privacy Policy or appropriate requirements for confidentiality and security measures as required by us.

             · As our business continues to develop, acquisition, merging, property transfer or similar transaction may happen between our associated companies and us. In this light, your personal information may be transferred as part of such transaction, and we will inform you before the transaction.

             · We and our associated companies may also keep, save or disclose your personal information for the following purposes:

             1. Complying applicable laws and regulations;

             2. Complying orders of the court or requirements of other legal procedures;

             3. Complying the requirements of relevant government authorities;

             4. Any other appropriate purposes that must be achieved to comply with applicable laws and regulations, protect public interests or protect the personal safety, property security or legal interest and rights of our customers, other users, employees, our group company and us.

    Information Security

             We only keep your personal information within the time required to perform the Privacy Policy and specified by relevant laws and regulations.

             . We will use all kinds of security technologies and procedures to prevent information loss, misuse or unauthorized access or disclosure of information. For example, in some services, we will use encrypted technology (i.e. SSL) to protect your personal information. However, please understand that in the internet industry, due to technological limitation and potential malicious attacks, even if we try our best to enhance security protection, we cannot ensure that your information is totally safe. You need to know that the system and communications network that you used to access our service might malfunction due to factors that are out of our control.

    The information you shared

             Our services allow you to share your information with your social network and all the users using the service, including the information you uploaded or publicized in our service (i.e. the personal information you disclosed and the list you established), your response to the information uploaded or publicized by others and relevant location and log information. Other users using our services would also share information related to you (including location data and log information). What should be mentioned is that our social media service is designed to enable you share information with users around the world. With our service, you can have shared information transmitted timely and extensively. As long as you do not delete shared information, such information would remain in the public domain permanently; even if you delete shared information, they would still be cached, copied or saved in public domain by other users or non-associated third parties that are out of our control.

             Therefore, before upload, publicize or share any information through our service, please think whether it is appropriate thoroughly. In certain circumstances, you can control the range of users that can access your shared information through privacy setting of certain services. If you want to delete certain personal information from our service, please apply the method provided in such special service clause.

    Sensitive personal information you shared

             Some special information may be regarded sensitive, including your ethnic, religion, health condition and medical information. More efforts would be taken to protect sensitive personal information than other personal information.

             It should be noted that the content or information you provided, uploaded or publicized when using our service (e.g. photos related to your social activities) may disclose sensitive personal information. Please think twice before disclosing such information when using our service.

             You agree to handle with your sensitive personal information in the ways and for the objectives specified in Privacy Policy.

    How we collect information

             We and our third-party partners may collect and use your information through cookies web beacon and save them as log information.

             We use our own cookies and web beacon to provide you with more individualized user experience and service and also for the following purposes:

             · Remembering your identity. For example, cookies and web beacon can help us verify your identity as our users or save your preference or other information that you provided to us;

             · Analyzing your application of our services. For instance, we can use cookies and web beacon to understand what kind of activities you use our service for or which websites or services are your favorite;

             · Advertisement optimization. Cookies and web beacon can help us provide relevant advertisements instead of general ones for you according to your information.

             When using cookies and web beacon for the aforesaid objectives, we may process the non-personal information collected through cookies and web beacon to advertisers or other partners to analyze how users use our service and thereby provide better advertisement service.

             Our products or services may have the cookies and web beacon placed by advertisers or other partners. Such cookie and web beacon may collect non-personal information related to you to analyze how users use the service and send advertisements you may be interested in to you, or to evaluate the effect of advertisement service. These third-party cookies and web beacon would not be subject to the requirements of this Privacy Policy when collecting or using such information, but subject to the privacy policy of relevant users. We would not bear any responsibilities for any third-party cookies or web beacon.

             You can set to reject or manage cookies or web beacon via the browser. However, please note that, if you disable the cookies or web beacon, you may not be able to enjoy the best service experience and some services would not run normally. Besides, you would still receive the same amount of advertisements, which would be less relevant to you.

    Advertisement service

             We may use your information to present advertisements that are more relevant to you.

             We may also use your information to send promotional information through our service, e-mail or by other means, so as to provide or promote our or any third-party products and services:

             · Our products or services and products or services of our associated companies and partners include instant messaging service, on-line media service, interactive entertainment service, social network service, payment service, internet searching service, location and map service, application software and service, data management software and service, on-line advertisement service, internet finance and other social media, entertainment, e-commerce, news and communications software or services (hereinafter refer to “internet service”);

             · Third-party internet service suppliers and the following third-party products or services: food and beverage, sports, music, movie, television, on-site performance and other arts and entertainment, books, magazines and other publications, garments and accessories, jewelries, cosmetics, personal health and hygiene, electronics, collections, house wares, electrical appliances, home decoration and furnishings, pets, cars, hotels, transportation and tourism, bank, insurance and other financial service, membership credits and award plan, as well as other products or services we considered relevant to you.

             If you do not want us to use your personal information for the aforesaid advertising purpose, you can ask us to stop using your information in this way via the prompts we provided in the advertisements or by following the guidance of specific service.

             E-mails and information we may send to you

             E-mail and message pushing

             We may use your information to send e-mail, news or notifications to your device when you use our service. If you do not want to receive such contents, you can follow our relevant prompts to cancel subscription on your device.

             Notice related to service

             If necessary, we may send you notices related to the service (i.e. when a specific service has to be suspended due to system maintenance). You may be unable to cancel such non-promotional notice.

    Exceptions to the application of the privacy policy

             Our service may include or be linked to the social media or other services provided by third parties (include website). For example:

             · You can press the “share” key to share certain content to our service, or you can use third-party access service to log on our service. However, such functions may collect relevant information (including your log information) and may install cookies on your computer to ensure normal operation;

             · We would provide links for you through advertisement or other approaches available in our services. Such third-party social media or other services may be operated by relevant third parties or us. If you use the social media services or other services provided by third parties (include any personal information you provided to the third parties), you should carefully read and conform to the service clauses and privacy policy of the third parties (not General Service Clauses or this Privacy Policy);

             This Privacy Policy only applies to the information we collected, but not to services provided by any third party or information usage rules of any third party. We would not bear any responsibilities for any third party’s use of the information you provided.

    Juveniles’ use of our services

             We encourage parents or guardians guide juveniles below 18 years’ old to use our service. We suggest juveniles encourage their parents or guardians read this Privacy Policy and ask for their consent and guidance before submitting personal information.

    Applicable range of Privacy Policy

             Except specific services, all our services would apply this Privacy Policy, while the former would apply specific privacy policy that would offer more details on how we would use your information in services. The privacy policy of specific services constitutes a part of this Privacy Policy. If any conflicts exist, the privacy policy of such specific services would prevail.

             Unless otherwise specified, all the terms used in this Privacy Policy would have the same meaning with those defined in VisionerTech Service Agreement.

             Please note that this Policy would not apply to the following information:

             · Information collected by the third-party service (including any third-party websites) users accessed through our services;

             · Information collected by other companies or institutions presenting advertisements in our services.


             We may modify this Policy anytime if necessary, and all the modifications would constitute a part of this Policy. If such modification leads to substantial decrease of the rights you enjoy under this Policy, we would inform you of such modification by presenting notifications at obvious positions of our homepage, sending e-mail or by other means before taking them into effect. In such circumstances, if you continue to use our service, it would be deemed that you accept the modified policy.