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    After-sales Policy

    After-sales Policy of VisionerTech VMG-PROV


    Please read this After-sales Policy in detail to understand your rights and obligations. The use of VisionerTech products means you are willing to comply with all the terms herein.

    This After-sales Policy is only applicable to the VMG-PROV product sold by Shenzhen VisionerTech (hereinafter referred to as “VisionerTech” or “Visioner”) through the official channel. As geek version open-source hardware, Visioner VMG-PROV is different from ordinary consumer goods. Products with non-artificial quality defects can be replaced in 15 days, but the returning of goods is not allowed in this case. The warranty period is within 12 months since the date of purchase from the official channel. The warranty is void if the product Visioner VMG-PROV is used for commercial purposes and by commercial means.

    For maintenance progress inquiries and any other questions, please dial the after-sales hotline (0755) 22674590. Our customer service staffs are available from 9:30 to 17:30 during workdays.

    Shenzhen VisionerTech reserves the right of interpretation of this After-sales Policy.

    I. Replacement/Maintenance Policy:

             The following definitions apply to this After-sales Policy:

             1. “Product” refers to VMG-PROV head-mounted display purchased from the official channel of VisionerTech.

             2. “Accessories” refer to parts going with the product sold and being put in the packing box, including the power adapter, adapter plate, head screw, connecting wire (installed on the helmet), developer’s manual, etc.

             3. “You” refers to the original purchaser who purchases the product from the official channel of Visioner. This After-sales Policy only entitles you certain specific legal rights; therefore, you may not sell or transfer the rights to any other person in whole or in part.

             4. For the product and its accessories, “replacement period” refers to 15 working days since the date you receive the goods (subject to the date signing for express delivery); and “warranty period” refers 12 months since the date you purchase the goods from the official channel.

             5. “Normal use conditions” refer to the use of ordinary end users according to the user instruction attached to the product or the accessory packing in the normal physical state.

    II. Replacement/Maintenance Permissible Policy:

             1. The product is free of any man-made damage with complete packaging, accessories, gifts, developer’s manual, label, machine serial number, waterproof mark, anti-counterfeit mark, etc., which will not affect the resale;

              2. Obvious non-artificial quality defects on the unused goods;

             3. Non-human-induced quality problems after a replacement/maintenance;

             4. Damages caused by transport are found when the customer receives the goods and unpacks it before the deliveryman;

             5. Apparent inconformity between the goods received and its description;

             6. The occurrence of non-artificial quality failure when the product is used under normal conditions;

             7. Parts meeting maintenance requirements need to be replaced upon technical evaluation by Visioner engineers. In case it is a motherboard failure, then the motherboard is replaced only; in case it is a screen failure, then the screen is replaced only. For failures that cannot be resolved through maintenance, the goods can be replaced.

             8. Please contact with our technical support staffs to conduct replacement/maintenance operations under their guidance.

             Circumstances not covered by the replacement or warranty service shall include but not be limited to:

             1. Man-made damages to the product, including but not limited to: accidental falling during use, excessive force, improper operation and other circumstances causing product damage;

              2. Replacement of goods is not allowed in case of crash or burning resulting from problems other than product quality, unauthorized modification, entry of foreign matters (water, oil, sand, etc.), improper installation and quality problems caused by use or operation not following instructions.

             3. Product damage or missing parts due to personal using habits, including but not limited to obvious worn-out, damaged or missing headband, panel, data cable, etc.;

             4. User’s discomfort caused by long time or improper use of VMG-PROV;

              5. The replacement/maintenance policy is automatically invalid in case of torn or altered label, machine serial number, waterproof mark, anti-counterfeit mark, etc.;

             6. Product or accessory appearance damage due to normal wear and tear or other reasonable impairment; or unavoidable factors, such as fire, flood, lightning, traffic accident and other force majeure damage;

             7. Since the date of receiving the express delivery, the service time of the product exceeds its corresponding replacement/maintenance period;

             8. The purchaser is unable to provide the proof of purchase from the official sales channel of VisionerTech or the proof is forged or altered, which shall include but not be limited to the order number, name of purchaser, mobile number of purchaser, warranty card, dispatch bill, original packaging, product serial number, the invoice issued at the time of ordering, etc.;

             9. The product is not delivered within 7 natural days since the date of replacement confirmation after contacting with Vinioner;

             10. Tested by the technical support department of Visioner, the product has no quality problem or should not be replaced/repaired;

    III. Replacement/Maintenance Application:

             1. Please download and fill out the VisionerTech After-sales Service Table, and send it to sales@visionertech.com when completed. Please provide the “equipment serial number, name of purchaser and mobile number written on the order”, and be sure to truthfully indicate the replacement/maintenance reason to help us accurately judge, review and handle your application as soon as possible.

             2. When the replacement/maintenance application is being processed, please do not deliver the product. After passing the review, the product must be delivered to the order address (please do not deliver the goods by snail mail and freight at destination) within 7 working days from the date of passing the audit. After receiving the goods, Visioner’s technical personnel will carry out technical testing and issue a maintenance cost list, which is sent back to the purchaser after payment.

             3. For products meeting replacement/maintenance requirements, VisionerTech will pay the postage of replacement/maintenance. If the product is free of scratch or is not dismantled, but the packaging is damaged, then the purchaser needs to pay the cost of packaging. If the product has some scratch or is dismantled to affect the resale, then replacement is not allowed.

              4. This After-sales Policy also applies to countries and regions other than China, but the postage shall be paid by users.

             5. To replace goods, the purchaser needs to provide the proof of purchase from the official sales channel of VisionerTech and send back the following documents: 1. The goods to be replaced and all accessories; 2. Dispatch bill; 3. Invoice (not included if not issued at the time of purchase); 4. Developer’s manual; 5. Warranty card; 6. Original packing box; 7. Gifts (if any please return).